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Indica – A Way Away

'A Way Away' album cover

A band which has thus far sung only in Finnish deciding to release an album entirely in English is enough to grab the attention, but when the band in question is Indica, there is definitely more to be excited about.

With ‘A Way Away’, Indica become closer and more accessible to their international fanbase, while staying true to the band’s musical identity. Produced by Tuomas Holopainen and with lyrics signed by screenwriter and poet Rory Winston, the album is meant to take you on a journey through the world of Indica, a world of dreams and fantasy.

Songs such as ‘Precious Dark’ and ‘Eerie Eden’ create the illusion of a playful game, reinforced by Jonsu’s innocent sounding but powerful voice. And when Pip Williams is responsible for the orchestration, you are guaranteed a musically unique and exciting experience.

Indica’s ‘English debut’ is a must listen for all who feel they need a break from reality or a breath of inspirational fresh air.


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